One card to rule them all! (A digital business card)
A digital business card. One card to rule them all! We were asked by a client what we knew about RF business cards. I replied, ‘not much’ but was fascinated and went off to research in the growing beast of the tinternet…. An RF business card is a plastic card containing a RFID chip that […]
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We think Miro is worth 3 minutes of your time. We have been using this tool in the office for the past few months and it has made a HUGE impact on our efficiency during the early stages of a project. When we start a new website project the first thing we do is complete our branding flowchart (shown […]
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Website revamp offer for BFFF Members
A special offer for BFFF members
A project in partnership with Uppingham First
We are doing a project in partnership with Uppingham First to create a Virtual Tour of the Marketplace. It will be available on the Uppingham First website and each 360 image taken will be sent to you, the business owner for free, to use as you wish.
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How to add icons to your WordPress Menu
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The BEST free resource for images online – Copyright FREE
How many hours have you lost to Google image search trying to find that perfect image for free? Or how much have you spent over the last quarter buying images from Shutterstock and Abode Images? Here is an amazing free (and legal) resource!
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COVID-19 – A veiwpoint l agree with…..mostly
Don't believe the statistics, a power larger than you know is pulling the strings. Now the precendent has been set so the next time we are required to stay indoors and consume, it's very easy.
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