We think Miro is worth 3 minutes of your time.

We have been using this tool in the office for the past few months and it has made a HUGE impact on our efficiency during the early stages of a project.

When we start a new website project the first thing we do is complete our branding flowchart (shown below).

Having your logo, font, colours and style of language/imagery is essential to ensuring your new digital shopfront is consistent and instantly recognisable as you. If you’re not there yet, don’t worry we will work with you to ensure you are!

The next step is to discuss the website architecture, simply put these are the pages on the site, the call to actions, the key touch points and how they all interlink.

In the past we went to meetings, spent a few hours huddled around a whiteboard drawing lines and adding labels that eventually looked like something Sheldon in The Big Bang would create!

Since the lockdown we moved to InvisionApp to share digitally created brainstorms that clients could comment and add notes too.

Initially this was great but then discovered we were spending a lot of time amending the comments to send back for review. This took more time and increased the feedback loop unnecessarily.

Then we discovered Miro!

It allows you to create any type of flowchart, mind map and diagram you can imagine. It’s most amazing feature (in our humble opinion is being able to edit the same document in real time with other people)

Watch the video below to see a live example of why it’s so great!


This solves the problem of all the back and forth with client feedback and allows real time and remote editing.

It’s also fantastic to get projects moving with friends, family and even stuff around the house! I recently designed our entire lean-to using the app and like a technical ‘Pinterest’ board we have inspiration with flowcharts on process, suppliers and timelines.

Best thing, you can use it for FREE. The only limit being you can only edit 3 boards at once.

Press here to learn more about it.