One card to rule them all! (A digital business card)

One card to rule them all! (A digital business card)

A digital business card. One card to rule them all!

We were asked by a client what we knew about RF business cards.

I replied, ‘not much’ but was fascinated and went off to research in the growing beast of the tinternet….

An RF business card is a plastic card containing a RFID chip that recalls a URL with all the contact details of the individual (from a hidden page on their website, for example) and with some web wizardry we can with a press of the button save those details directly to a phone.

Here is an example of how that page could look:

Digital Business Card Example Link

Save the details to a phone with one press? How?

Most new phones have an RFID reader on the back of the phone and just a simple tap of the card on the back of the phone will redirect the user to the contact page where they can save all the contact details DIRECTLY into their contacts list.

Simple, efficient and definitely more sustainable than handing out business cards.

Ideal for tradeshows, networking meetings and the individual wanting to be remembered when someone asks for their card.

Imagine standing at a trade show and someone asks for your card. You then (like a digital wizard) tap the back of their phone and ‘TADAA’ your details appear on their screen! Then with one simple press of ‘add to contacts’ you are saved into that persons phone. With such an emphasis on reducing waste, maybe this is the solution for the future.

Imagine a world without cardboard business cards.

We can design, print and code the chip for only £79.

Are you interested? Press here to send us your details and we will be in touch very soon to take the next step.