The BEST free resource for images online – Copyright FREE

The BEST free resource for images online – Copyright FREE

What makes a good site look amazing? Simple, beautiful images. We are creatures of intrigue and our senses pay attention to that which stands out.

The battle is trying to finding good quality, the right size that is copyright free.

The site is called UNSPLASH and you can get free images by pressing here.

The common mistake is to go to Google Image Search and just save the first image you find that looks right. It’s a bad idea to one very important reason; companies like pixsy are employed to catch you out and send a whopping bill straight to your inbox!

I have had many clients over the years use images without checking copyright and received a invoice ranging from $300-$2,000 PER IMAGE! Despite legal battle and explanation that they were not aware, taking the image down immediately they have lost on every occassion.

Therefore, you should always triple check the images you are using are copyright free. Photo by Jayden Wong on Unsplash