Back in 2012 they setup their first shop, now they are at shop three and have big plans…

Garry and Jo are an inspiration to anyone looking to start up a business. They didn’t have any retail experience but Garry got fed up being sold rubbish kit and poor quality liquids. Starting out of the garage buying a few supplies that his friends were purchasing it quickly became an enterprise and Garry saw the opportunity to help others with the same frustrations.

We met the team whilst at a Riot Squad boat party…..had a little chat about what we do and as is usually the case, in the right place at the right time. They needed someone to sort out their website and we were there with another client researching the industry. Trying to predict where it was going…


A simple, clean, easy to use website that was easy to maintain

We presented a few variations of the home page and went through how best to display the products on the website and came to the final design you see now.

We helped them establish top ranking positions for key search terms in the local area which are still holding strong.


Webdesign, hosting and SEO.

We provide webdesign, hosting and SEO services to Vapourwise and have continued working on our partnership over the past year working with the team to help brand the new label ‘Mr G’s’ with signature flavours that the discerning Vaper will appreciate.

To visit their website press here.


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