What does ‘Home’ mean to you?

We have been working with Dipun Gandhi of MoC*D for a number of years and have progressively and positively been developing his site to what you see today. Dipun is a natural perfectionist and picks up on details that very few would notice, but when implemented make a big difference. We value our partnership with him as his ‘anti-conventional’ principles to webdesign have made my team and l question these conventions to deliver elements that are still intuitive and give the user a great experience whilst still looking elegant.


A different approach to Architectural Design…

It’s about the ethos. The philosophy and emotional result of the ‘work’ is what makes Dipun so different to his contemporaries. The home is where the heart is, is an overused and misunderstood saying. If you don’t love your home, how can your heart reside there? Creating beautiful spaces that enrich your positive emotions, whilst within them, is what Dipun can do for you.

Working with him has made us realise how important it is to make sure the space you work, rest and play are well considered and supportive to you.

We are all but embers of the same fire.


Webdesign, hosting and print

We provide continuous and evolving webdesign support and web-hosting services for MoC*D.

You can visit the site by pressing here.


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