Leicester Vintage & Old Toy Shop

We are lucky to work with a team that are SUPER toy geeks…

Joe and the team are a spewing fountain of knowledge. Being  a collector of Transformers, He-man and other random retro toys l have known Joe and the team for almost ten years.

The early days involved trudging up to the hidden top floor of the indoor market in Leicester…. a seldom seen and hidden gem.

Over time, as Joe’s business grew, he moved to a shop opposite the open market and had some amazing space to display his unique, growing collection.

A few years a go he moved to Upper Bond Street, where Virgin used to be, just outside The Shires. Remember Virgin music stores….. or even better, remember Our Price?!

Anyway, l digress, they are a great team to work with, regularly upload YouTube videos about….. well watch one below and you will see what l mean.


Sometimes great ideas just don’t work…

An early incarnation of the leicestervintage.co.uk website was a cabinet style front page with shelves that had the different product categories.

Whilst it look beautiful and worked well on desktops. About 7 years ago when responsive view was starting to become necessary this design completely fell down. It didn’t work on mobiles…at all!

For that reason we revamped and created what you see now which a simple, yet effective layout.


Webhosting, emails and updates

Full webhosting, emails and server side support for this amazing client. We often trade time for toys….

To visit their site press here.

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