Tin Fish Shoes

Leicester’s oldest independent shoe store

Born in 1991, this amazing shoe shop started it’s humble beginnings at The Silver Arcade and moved to Royal arcade, branched out and now has 2 stores.

Being in retail is hard. Especially in the current marketplace with online sales growing year on year.

We were introduced to Tin Fish Shoes by another client of ours. After a review of their site is was obvious they desperately needed an update. Their site simply didn’t work for mobiles and tablets so that was our goal…make it look and work much better. Through the process we discovered their version of Magento was out of date, security patches years out of date, we had literally opened a can of worms! However through lots of hard effort and a steep learning curve we got everything updated, improved and is returning sales this year (compared with the same time last year) at 190%. Don’t believe us? Click below to see what the team had to say:


We are currently hosting the site, emails and assist with the future marketing goals

We host their site, emails and associated services in house on our own private servers. Protected by Imunify360 and Cloudflare.

With some clever server side configuration, this site loads super fast for how much content there is.

Don’t believe us?! Press here to view their site.

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