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Web Design is at the core of what we do and building a beautiful website that our clients are happy with is the main priority. Every website is different and has different functionality so getting the website to do what the client needs is essential.


Coming into the role of manging the Digital Marketing for the British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF) I was not prepared to the scale of digital change the BFFF required, with a website and database dating back to the early 2000’s the digital changes required were by no means small.

The job for a new website and database was put out to tender and Nitesh was one of many companies pitching for it. There were 3 key points required to get the job; Reasonable pricing, Design and Personality. The 2 points I quickly realised were crossed off the list after receiving all the proposals, and when talking to Nitesh further for recommendations and testimonials I quickly discovered the clear and definitive tone he took when speaking with customers. This gave me confidence he wasn’t going to BS me and if he didn’t know the answer to a particular question he would say straight away and go back to team to confirm an answer before answering it, THE SAME DAY. Rather than giving me the ‘corporate fluff’.

The design, user experience and functionality of the website I am absolutely happy with and the best move I have made since coming into the BFFF is to use the Rutland Webdesigner as my web designers. Nitesh listened and gave his professional advice to make sure the user experience was as good as it could be. Nitesh and his team have their ‘finger on the pulse’ in terms of user experience and technologies where they are developing new experiences for websites and always asks if I would like to try something new on our website and compare metrics of usability – which, as a marketer, I enjoy exploring and always welcome.

I am going to say the generic testimonial response of ‘Nitesh went above and beyond to get the job done’ which is exactly what he and his team did, but I don’t feel like it does his efforts justice. The Rutland Web Designer managed to pull of one of the biggest sites I have ever managed in a very short amount of time and was prepared to pull in extra resources in order to get the job done, which I truly commend.

It is always difficult trying to find a Web Design company to take on a big project when it goes out to tender, but I can safely say I won’t need to but anything out to tender again with the BFFF as I am confident the level of skill, knowledge and design the Rutland Webdesigner brings will match any digital project I have in the near future.


Harry – Digital Membership and Marketing Manager

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