Hello, l am the Rutland Webdesigner.

I’ve been playing with code since a nipper and love fixing things. Bio’s are really boring and usually contain the same cliche rubbish about ‘Like taking walks in the rain’ and ‘real foodie’.

I’ll be honest and tell you something actually interesting about me…

I grew up in Beaumont Leys and now live in Oakham. I’ve been bumbling about Rutland for 10 years, starting in Belton-in-Rutland with my then wonderful girlfriend. Spent 4 years there, got married (to the same girlfriend!) and we were the second couple to do so at Normanton Church, then moved to Uppingham.

Had a baby and moved to Seaton.

Had another baby and moved back to Belton-in-Rutland. Babies are growing up, moved to Oakham and love our new home.

I only work with people l like. People who run businesses that are moving forward like us.

If you are doing the same thing as last year and don’t want things to change, we aren’t the right match.

I dislike Facebook and most social media. Ironically l have to use it for my clients but personally l prefer to go to the pub, have a few drinks with real people and argue something is true without it being immediately dissipated by a quick Google search.

Sir Isaac Newton is my hero and l have the pleasure and honour of volunteering at Woolsthorpe Manor. His birthplace and where (we strongly believe) he completed his most famous experiments forming that amazing manuscript, The Principia Mathematica….

However, he wrote SO much more about Alchemy and Religion than he ever did about science…..but that’s a topic for when we meet.

I know the best curry spots in Leicester and run a monthly challenge with mates to find the best place in town. (Rutland is shocking and l am yet to find an ‘Indian’ that l would personally class as decent.)

That’s a little about me. I would love to know more about you. If you think we would get on and looking at our work you have confidence that we can deliver something special for you, fill out the form on the ‘Say Hello‘ page and l will be in touch.



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